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  • The Dolphin Within Society- Exploring the Healing Power of dolphins
  • The Dance of the Dolphins - great background on Dolphin Mythology!
  • Project Delphis: Evidence of Self Awareness in Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Project Delphis: Dolphin Cognitive Research, Article in Consciousness
  • Dolphins and Man.....Equals?
  •  Dolphins in Israel/Sinai

  • Dolphin Reef Eilat - one place I have swam with Dolphins (and photograph them)
  • Dolphin Reef Eilat - Webcam
  • The Whale-Watching Web: Israel
  • WORLD magazine: August 1999 @ - a dolphin named Olin, and his Beduin friend Mekiten who lives in Nuweiba, Sinai, Egypt. (I had the opportunity to see this)
  •  Dolphins in hawaii

  • Whale Watching and Dolphin Encounters, Hawaii Adventures
  • The Dolphin Institute - Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whales
  • Whale Watching Web: Hawaii, USA
  • Big Island:

  • Dolphin Connection Home Page, Joan Ocean seminars, dolphin swims.
  • I Am Dolphinus - fascinating page by Douglas Webster/Eye Within Studios.
  •  Dolphins in Florida

  • Dolphins Plus Online! -swim program in the keys
  • Dolphin Cove -swim program in the keys
  •  DolphinNet/SWS/ Related

  • DolphinNet Store- a new addition to DolphinNet- commercial dolphin posters, as well as the DoubleMirrors Dolphin collection available in posters and 8X10 prints.
  • DolphinNet Network- Links to some of the best dolphin sites on the web.
  • SWS Video index-video of dolphins, Israel, Miami, and Hawaii.
  • Project Double Mirrors- digital images/sounds of Dolphins and the cyber-spiritual revolution!
  •  Conservation/Major Organizations:

  • American Cetacean Society - Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Education and Research
  • International Marine Mammal Project
  • Center for Marine Conservation
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society- fighting to protect dolphins and whales. Based in Seattle, WA.
  • The Dolphin Institute - Also based in Seattle, WA (where I was born incedently)
  •  Dolphin Spirit/spirituality

  • The Spirit of the Dolphin
  • Spirit WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW
  • 2 Fly with Your Angels Swim with The Dolphins
  • jacquesmayol.comofficial site of legendary free diver jacques mayol.
  • Dolphin Healing:

  • The Virtual Dolphin - benifiting children with cancer
  • Lei Aloha Center - dedicated to the extraordinary healing benefits of dolphins on those challanged by Neurological Disorders,
  •  Dolphin Photography/ Artwork

  • DolphinNet Image Gallery- photographs and digital art of dolphins
  • The end of "David's Dolphin Images"- this is what happens when people steal (i.e. download and use without permision) an artist's work. David had to take down his page. He has recently put it back up.
  • Dolphin Synergy: The Plexus
  • - beautiful Dolphin and sea hand designed jewelry for sale.
  • DolphinNet postcards- send a dolphin postcard to a friend online
  • DolphinNet Calendar- add your events to the calendar.
  •  Misc

  • - free dolphin home pages, and free e-mail
  • The Dolphin Page
  • The Whale Watching Web
  • Mandurah Dolphins Index
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