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The Divine Dolphin

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Music, art, links, and a network of dolphin sites
3225 71 1307
2 The Dolphin Songline
Sample Image 1
on the spirituality of Dolphins, communion with Dolphins
1461 9 3949
3 Wild Dolphin and Whale Audio and Video
The very best wild dolphin and whale video
3232 7 6730
Sample Image 1
Sample Image 2
Includes my daily journal about dolphin training at The Dolphin Institute, and lots of dolphin pics
3692 6 6856
5 Dolphins Plus
Swim with dolphins program in the Florida keys
279 5 1963

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6 Dolphin Moon's Webpage!
My site is about my favorite animals: whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
1231 4 4951
7 Dolphin Swim And Swim With Dolphins In The Wild
Sample Image 1
Sample Image 2
Join the Dream Team for a 7 day expedition to the Bahamas aboard the 86’ yacht “Dolphin Dream”. Specializing in introducing small groups of people to wild friendly dolphins in their natural environment.
4801 4 5998
8 Conservation Quest
Sample Image 1
Sample Image 2
Learn about Dolphin Assisted Therapy. find an internship in almost every part of the world with Oceanlife and wildlife. Learn to work with dolphins, flying foxes, Sea turtles, and much more.
4972 4 4450
9 Dolphin Pictures by Rolf Hicker
large selection of dolphin and whale Pictures by award winning photographer Rolf Hicker
827 4 3458
10 Delphi Beach
Dedicated to dolphins! Includes a special message board for dolphin experiences, Q and A, and more!
678 3 2863

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11 Va. Dolphin Lady's Home on the web
Hope you enjoy my wepage it has pictures from my Dolphin and Whale watching trips and lots of other good things.
6226 2 8063
12 Dolphin Music Videos
Music videos featuring dolphins by Dylan Tauber.
116 2 735
13 Dolfijneninfo
Everything about dolphins with photo's, video's, tools, cards and much other things
3934 2 5727
14 Orca Blue Lagoon
Splash into the playground of the Orca, featuring galleries upon galleries of this magestic dolphin.
453 1 3059
15 The Dolphins of Oceanus
Fantasy novel about dolphins & a boy's transformation into one
431 1 1879

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16 Dolphin News and Discussion Board
News about dolphins and a Facebook discussion board
117 1 884
17 RusART.News.
ART Gallery oil painting. Artist Amir Timergaleev.
1155 1 2708
18 Ocean Inspirations
Dolphins, Whales, Marine Life & The ease and joy of diving. Sea Turtle & Octopus pages! Handcrafted Dolphin & Whale Treasure boxes.
1686 1 4211
19 Son of Waves Screenplay
A screenplay by Dylan Tauber, about 12 Dolphins to save the planet, David The Visionary on the beach in Tel Aviv, and a digital messiah of Love. Available now for free download.
1 0 69
Multimedia, image gallery, books, and music, all revolving around a theory of Double Mirrors.
1 0 1005
21 AI to decode the language of dolphins
A Swedish startup is using AI to understand what dolphins are talking about
1 0 2829
22 Swim With Dolphins in Thailand
Sample Image 1
Sample Image 2
Feed, Train, swim with, and play with Irrawaddy dolphins in Oasis Sea World in Thailand
3 0 2370
The art, music, and writing of Dylan Tauber, an artist based in Israel.
6 0 912
24 Double Mirrors Soundtrack
Ambient / Electronica inspired by dolphins and whales
3 0 1119
25 Whales and dolphins lead 'human-like lives'
Whales and dolphins lead 'human-like lives' thanks to big brains, says study
1 0 1150
12 Dolphins who will save the planet.
4 0 984
27 Hitech dolphin: inspirational career advice
Regain the dolphin's simple joy in a hitech world. Inspirational career advice and consulting tips
0 0 2167
28 WhaleWatchingTV
See a Whale Watching boat's live feed during their Dolphin Watching and Whale Watching tours.
0 0 1822
29 Astral Healing
Bringing the astral healing centers down to earth.
1 0 762
30 Dolphin Jewelry
a great variety of both 14k gold and silver Dolphin Jewelry including Dolphin Rings, Dolphin Pendant
0 0 2071

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