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Welcome to the Dolphin Information Directory- add your favorite sites!.


Cetacean Mega Sites (6)
Large sites and organizations devoted to dolphins and whales
Charities and Conservation (6)
ways to donate to help protect marine mammals and the oceans.
Dolphin Art (17)
Art, photography, and music of and inspired by dolphins
Dolphin Healing (7)
information on the healing powers of dolphins
Dolphin Links (3)
Other resources and lists of dolphin and whale links
Dolphin Music (10)
music inspired by dolphins and whales
Dolphin Philosophy and Myth (1)
Ideas, theories, musings, discussion of the human/dolphin relationship.
Dolphin Science (6)
Sites dealing with catecean empirical data and studies.
Dolphin Swim Programs (26)
Places to swim with dolphins all over the world.
General Dolphin Info (14)
Webmasters (3)
if you run a dolphin or whale related web site, here are some resources for you
other (14)
miscellaneous dolphin and whale related sites

There are 117 links for you to choose from!


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