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  • Dolphin research and information
  • Dolphin information on wikipedia
  • StudyFinds.org - Shocking study discovers bottlenose dolphins possess electric sixth sense
  • Dolphins-World.com
  • Nationalgeographic.com - Information on bottlenose dolphins.
  • phys.org - The same algorithm used to find tunes in music retrieval systems has been successfully applied in identifying the signature whistles of dolphins, affording a new time-saving device for research into the world of dolphin communication.
  • Captain Paul Watson - An article about cetacean intelligence possibly being greater than human intelligence.
  • Bloomberg.com - Swedish Startup Uses AI to Figure Out What Dolphins Talk About.
  •  Dolphins in Israel/Sinai

  • Israel Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center A non-profit organization dedicated to the study and conservation of cetacean populations that inhabit the Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat.
  • Dolphin Reef Eilat - one place I have swam with Dolphins (and photographed them underwater while scuba diving.)
  •  Dolphins in Florida/ Costa Rica

  • Dolphins Plus Online! -swim program in the keys
  • Divine Dolphin -swim with wild dolphins in Costa Rica with Sierra Goodman.
  • Marine Life in Florida -All About Marine Life in Florida.
  •  DolphinNet music / SWS / Related

  • DolphinNet Store- 12 dolphin inspired electronic music albums, as well as the Double Mirrors Picture Book, for sale via Xlibris.com.
  • DolphinNet Network- Links to some of the best dolphin sites on the web.
  • DolphinNet.org Music Videos-videos of dolphins, music videos by Dylan Tauber.
  • DylanTauber.com- Dolphin inspired art, music, and writing by Dylan Tauber.
  • 12Dolphins.org- 12 Dolphins who will save the planet.
  • DylanDolphin.com- The dolphin music of Dylan Tauber, mobile friendly.
  • DolphinMusic.net- Dolphin and whale related music and music videos by Dylan Tauber- new site, mobile friendly.
  • DolphinMusic.org- The dolphin music of Dylan Tauber with Son of Waves Studios.
  •  Conservation/Major Organizations:

  • American Cetacean Society - Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Education and Research
  • International Marine Mammal Project
  • Center for Marine Conservation
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society- fighting to protect dolphins and whales. Based in Seattle, WA.
  • The Dolphin Institute
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation
  • Information on the great Pacific garbage patch
  • EcoOcean.org EcoOcean is an Israeli non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the preservation of the coastal and marine environment in the region through research, education and broad community activities.
  • The Dangers of Plastic Pollution to Marine Life The garbage that humans leave behind as a by-product of civilization and consumption is becoming an environmental hazard not only to the land, but also to the world's oceans, seas, and waterways.
  •  Dolphin Spirit/spirituality

  • Dolphin Spirit Earth by Dylan Tauber, new site 2023
  • Dolphin Vision by Dylan, Son of Waves
  • teammayol.com official site of legendary free diver Jacques Mayol.
  • Dolphin Healing:

  • Virtual Dolphin Therapy - healing with virtual dolphin therapy
  • Dolphin Healing on livescience.com - Dolphin Healing Powers May Help Humans
  • DolphinHealing.net - healing with dolphins
  • DolphinHeartWorld.com - Healing with dolphin energy
  •  Dolphin Photography/ Artwork

  • DolphinNet Image Gallery- photographs and digital art of dolphins
  • DylanTauber.me Dolphin Art Gallery- photographs and digital art of dolphins
  • seadesigns.com - beautiful Dolphin and sea hand designed jewelry for sale.
  • DolphinNet postcards- send a dolphin postcard to a friend online
  • DolphinNet Calendar-add your events to the DolphinNet.org calendar.
  •  Misc

  • Dolphin1.net - powering the SWS Network
  • Just for kids- dolphin conservation
  • Kids guide to ocean and marine wildlife conservation, recommended by Chloe
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      Dolphin Net

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